Tree Pruning Tips From The Pros

Homes that are surrounded by trees tend to have a lot more curb appeal than those that are located on empty lots. As a result, they also usually have a higher resale value.

The key is to make sure that the trees are properly cared for. This includes regularly pruning them. When trees become overgrown, they have a tendency to lose their shape, which can make them a bit of an eyesore. Without being properly pruned, trees can also become dangerous due to dead or damaged branches.

To keep the trees on your property attractive and safe, be sure to follow these tree pruning tips from the pros:

1. Choose the right time of the year for pruning. Avoid pruning trees early in the spring after they have just started putting out leaves. Instead, prune them later in the year. The best time to remove dead branches is during the summer after the leaves have fully developed. That way, you can easily spot which branches need to be taken out of the tree. If you are planning on reshaping the tree, wait until after it has lost its leaves in the fall so that you can get a better sense of the overall structure of the branches as you prune.

2. Use sharp tools. Getting a good, clean cut requires a sharp tool. Whether you are using pruning shears or saws, make sure the blades are exceptionally sharp.

3. Know which branches to cut. Although every tree is different, there are certain types of branches that should always be removed. First and foremost, you should eliminate dead branches and not sick trees Fort Worth. These can not only negatively impact the health of the tree but they can also pose a danger to both people and property.

Next, you should also remove branches that are growing toward the inside of the tree. These branches have a tendency to cross other branches, which can create points of friction between the branches. Over time, the areas where the branches rub together can become weak, increasing the likelihood of them breaking.

Small suckers should also be removed. These branches draw resources away from other parts of the tree, keeping it from growing as well as it should. Look for them around the base of the tree as well as around any areas that have been recently cut.

Finally, if one branch splits into two in a Y shaped pattern, you should remove one of the “arms” of the Y. Otherwise, as the branch grows, the bark in the area between the two branches will grow inward, weakening the branches and compromising the structure of the tree. If you need help you can contact tree doctoring in Fort Worth, TX.

4. Don’t cut away too much in a single pruning session. Each season, you should never remove more than a quarter of the crown of the tree. Taking off any more than that in a single season can negatively impact its health.

With these tips, you can prune your trees like a pro. To help the trees on your property stay healthy and maintain their shape, prune them at least once a year.

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