How to be the most creative version of yourself in 2018

Be creative, be innovative and look forward to future!  
It is bright and shining – all waiting for you!
Who can be an entrepreneur?
Who can be an entrepreneur? You must think like an entrepreneur! It won’t do well enough to just act like an entrepreneur without getting yourself in the habit of certain positive things. You must take actions towards putting out all the old habits and replacing them with new ones. So exactly what should you be doing to make it a reality?

First things first, to make entrepreneurship your reality, you must have some capital to show for your tasks. This may mean taking some extraordinary steps to have someone fund your business, or it might mean just getting yourself a great idea together that you can get to your audience with exclusive rights. No matter which way you do this, you must hold the keys to a valuable asset or you will always be working for someone else.

Hold , before you are booking a flight to entrepreneur you need to consider one thing very carefully and ask this question: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Are you cut out to be fabulously wealthy?

Lets take your temperature on this so to speak, consider the five character traits below. Are you willing to:
Have the stayed power to keep going when you can’t see any results? Look the first day of business will be so extraordinary that your feet won’t touch the ground for days or even weeks, the adrenaline is that powerful!

Then reality sinks in, and you are working just as many hours as you did for your boss only trying to keep the business afloat and there is no excitement left. Perhaps the worst part of all is the fact that you do not see anything in the way of results. That means there is very little to motivate you and move your business forward.

Can I ask you something? How important is instant gratification? Can you move forward without the immediate payoff? It is hard but if you can do it being an entrepreneur may be in your blood.

-Lose the failing idea? Your time is vital as is your energy and when you have invested heavily in a concept it can feel like your baby. It is your brain child.

Failing ideas happen to the best of people, there is no shame in that. However, a failing concept can bring your business to its knees if you are not careful. Are you willing to bury it even though you still feel an attachment? If you can accomplish this, you could be a good entrepreneur.

-Do you trust your instincts? Doubt is going to flow from every angle; people just cannot help themselves. Friends and family may ridicule you, and if you take in their comments, you have very little chance of succeeding.

Do you have confidence in your skills and inspirations? This is all part and parcel of being a good entrepreneur.

– Value your service or product correctly? Here is a problem that many newcomers have, they will work like a dog for practically nothing. This happens many times because of the value they have placed on the product or service. It gets in their mind that they could never afford to pay a certain amount, and therefore they sell themselves too cheaply.

If your product or service has value to your customers, then you should reap the benefit of that value. Trust your customers to let you know when the price is too high.

Until your customers scream for relief, you should continue to value your solutions. When you can appreciate your product or service, you will be a good entrepreneur.

-Good at solving problems? If you get nothing else right strive for this one, can you spot and solve problems?

Find ways of getting yourself motivated every day. You might find this to be very tough to do if you have a background as an employee, as most people do.

Hey, problem-solving is the glue that will hold your business together when you are an entrepreneur. It is your business, and the buck has no choice but to stop at your feet.

There is, of course, an even bigger reason to solve problems, ideal for business! In fact, that is your business, when you can quickly pick out the problems others are dealing with and then solve them, then you have what you need to be a real entrepreneur.

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