Tips On How To Start An Architectural Design Business.

For you to start a successful architectural -design business, you have a need to get the basic and background knowledge of architecture or commercial contractor. Architecture being the act of designing buildings and structures requires a good knowledge of the architectural world. Some delve into it due to talent for design but others for the love of it but whichever way it is, you need to know the tips on how to start an architectural -design business.

And how can you do that?

· The first step is to get a DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE on a completed architectural course. It is important to note that architecture is not like any other course or business which you can delve without a thorough calculation of the necessary requirement needed in the said business.

  • The second step is to have an EXPERIENCE on architecture
    and this can be acquired by working for other architectural business to get the practical aspect of running the business. Years of experience is needed in
  • The third step is GETTING A LICENSE. In most countries, a license is required before an architectural business can be started up so for anyone who wants to venture into this, you need to take your state or countries licensing exam. When you get the certification, you are ready to start.
  • Fourth step is to INSURE YOUR BUSINESS. Every business and it’ s workers needs to be insured, in case of any fire outbreak, job site accidents and others, you will be rest assured that your business and workers are insured.
  • Fifth step is to find an IDEAL PLACE OR LOCATION for your business. This is one of the important step in starting up a business, location really matters so you have to find a suitable location for your business. A tip on this is to find a location that will be very easy for your clients to locate, no rigorous citing or hidden location.
  • BOOK STORY OF DESIGNS is very important as this will serve as a showroom for your handiworks and other designs that you have worked on. This advertises you to the world. Added to this, is your business card which should state your name, company, role and location. It is necessary that
    the contact you have in your business card should be right contact for your
  • FINANCE is another hectic task in starting up any business. However, for architectures, this seems the easiest. All you have to do is require 40% of the amount agreed to start the work and then collect the final payment at the completion of the project.

the 21st century, everything is now computerized so for architect, you have to
grow with the flow. Market your business online by taking snapshots of your
designs, creating pages on social media where you can showcase them and still
keep your relevance.

· BASICDESIGN TOOLS; this is very necessary in any
architectural firm or any other business. It is expected that a client does not
need to ask what you do when he/she enters your business area but your work and
design of the place should speak for you.

· BRAND NAME; your business needs to have a brand
name. This signify that your architectural firm should have what it is known
for, is their expertise more on designing skyscrapers, storey buildings,
mansions, bridges and others, specify that to your clients. Let them know that
a particular area is your area of expertise.

  • Note that there is a potential client in every place that you go to so always be ready to sell yourself to your potential clients. Sometimes, you might find yourself introduced to a friend of a friend and what you do comes up, you have to have a sure way of selling yourself to your clients without being fidgety or caught off guard.
  • Always tell a colleague of a colleague of what you do. You can never know how that helps in the future. Tell a friend and persuade your friend to also tell a friend, that way, your business keeps growing.Starting up an architectural design business requires a lot of commitment and dedication, if you can do it, then you will run a successful business.