Headin Back!

Today, Eva and Shelby headed out for a three week trip to Haiti. Eva will keep us up to date both here and on Facebook. Please lift your prayers for them and the ones they will come in contact with this trip. Pray the Lord pave the way for major movement in His Name. We thank you for your Prayers!

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Hello World, We’re Back In Action!

Hello all!
We have revamped our site and are building a better experience for everyone. We appreciate your patience as we populate the site with more and more info to help us all move forward in our mission to help Haiti and spread the Gospel to the world!

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Earthquake relief in Haiti from ground level

Hello to everyone,

I am writing you today to try to give words to the devastation in Haiti. First I would like to thank all of you for your prayers while I was in Haiti from Day 2 after the earthquake to Day 23. I came in through the Dominican border town of Jimani to Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas.

My first mission was to bring a doctor who hitched a ride with us at the border to a clinic that needed help. We rode as far as we could, then hopped out of the truck we were riding in, and hiked our way the last couple of miles to the clinic and orphanage. We came upon the clinic first. It was filled with people in need of medical attention. I walked into the exam room where I new I would find April ( a good American friend of mine that runs the local clinic). She looked up at me with a dazed look when she saw me appear and said, “Grant I have a boy here who has a large open chest wound and I am an RN and I have been praying that someone can help this child”. Continue reading

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Picture living in a third world country. Now picture living in the poorest country in this hemisphere. Our mission for God’s Planet is to reach the lost. One of our continual ministries in Haiti is prison evangelism. Third world prisons are overlooked many times because there is such a great need outside the jails. There are six prisons in the Port au Prince area where we have permission to enter and speak to the prisoners about Jesus. It is our policy to go with gifts. We often take soap, toiletries, Bibles, song books, and even food to the prisoners to show them that God cares about their situation. Then we will cell by cell explain to them the love of Christ and His promise of salvation. This is a powerful ministry. Continue reading
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